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The CNY Short Film Competition is an industry incubator for aspiring filmmakers connected to the Central New York region, either through residency or attendance at a regional college or university.

The program provides a unique opportunity for rising CNY filmmakers to work with industry professionals who serve in mentorship positions throughout four panel-selected short films, each supported with funding from the Innovation Group of CNY Arts.

Applicants receive the value of knowledge and experience from experienced producers who guide the panel-selected winners through an initial Production Boot Camp training course, then integrate guidance and advice throughout the pre-production process to final film festival submissions.

CNY Short Film Competition

Exciting news for aspiring filmmakers and recent graduates from the Central New York region!

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual CNY Short Film Competition is underway!

Interested filmmakers that meet the qualifying criteria set in the guidelines can submit their scripts at this time, the deadline for submissions is January 30, 2022

Innovation Group of CNY Arts believes that the arts are essential to the creative and commercial vitality of any community. Now more than ever before, advancing artistic enterprise remains critically important – especially after a year of unprecedented global challenges.

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