CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release

The IGCNYA Film Fund Production stream will offer enhanced support for films with diverse elements in order to help achieve the Central New York region Culture Strategy goals of promoting cultural engagement and inclusion, strengthening culture in communities, and fueling the creative economy.

Applicants who wish to access support for diverse projects via the Film Fund Production stream must submit an addendum to their application which provides detailed answers to the following:

1. Diversity of key creatives as applicable. This includes producer(s), director(s), director(s) of photography, writer(s), actors, etc.

2. Creative elements in direct respect to diversity including voice and story of the project, indigenous or language elements, or elements as referenced in the provincial definition of diversity (see Guidelines page 2). Maximum one page.

3. For co-productions, details regarding the nature of non-traditional partner(s) or jurisdiction(s) attached to the project. Maximum one page.

The addendum must be completed on the Diversity Enhancement Addendum Template (see sample on page 10), which must be downloaded from here and provided to IGCNYA as part of the Film Fund application. The addendum must be provided at the time of submission. IGCNYA will not accept diversity enhancement addendums after the application submission date. Those productions that are found to qualify for diversity enhancement support may qualify for up to an additional 5% (total 25%) of eligible costs for the incentive fund. The amount of additional support will be decided by review of the panel and Innovation Group of CNY Arts.

To download a copy of the Diversity Enhancement Template, see Forms and Reporting Templates