CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release

Production companies are required to submit the following elements of a marketing and sales strategy. The strategy must identify the critical and commercial potential of the film and how it will be realized. References to market potential and sales estimates should be researched with regard to performance of similar types of films, and proposed strategies and tactics should be realistic with regard to cost and experience of the team.

The strategy should include the following:

  • A description of the marketability of different elements of the film (e.g. renowned director and/or screenwriter, established movie franchise, confirmed cast, potential for success in a particular niche market). Director’s notes are not sufficient.

  • An evaluation of the film’s market potential in the USA and key international territories across all platforms.
  • The target audience for each potential distribution platform and the expected results for each platform.
  • A theatrical release strategy for the USA that targets potential distribution partners or could be executed by the producer.
  • The main elements of the USA and international marketing strategy on traditional and other platforms including domestic and international festival placement, traditional media, social media, or other innovative strategies.
  • Strategy for other domestic and international sales fulfilment (e.g. attendance at markets. a list of likely sales agents or buyers, or plan for other representation to ensure the film gets sold). 

This Global Marketing and Sales strategy will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The coherence of the proposed strategy with regards to the market appeal of the film, its target audience and strategies to reach that audience.
  • The realistic potential to execute on the proposed marketing and sales strategies.
  • The innovative character of the marketing and sales strategy.