CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release

Understanding the Relationship between the CNY Film Fund and the NYS Film Tax Credit Program


Funding for the CNY Film Fund is made possible through a grant from Empire State Development (ESD). The Innovation Group of CNY Arts (IGCNYA) is responsible for administering the Film Fund, however IGCNYA is not a representative or agent of New York State. IGCNYA cannot disburse funding to program participants without final authorization from ESD.

The New York State Film Tax Credit program is a separate initiative operated directly by ESD. IGCNYA cross-checks Film Fund Applicants with the NYS Film Tax Credit program to ensure compliance and consistency with stave-level regulatory requirements.

It is important to emphasize that despite some coordination, the CNY Film Fund and NYS Film Tax Credit program are separate initiatives with different operational parameters. The Film Fund can only provide funding for Qualified Expenditures incurred within the five-county incentive jurisdiction.