Onondaga PRIMED for TV pilots funding

PRIMED Television (pilots)

PRIMED Television (pilots) offers support to approved projects for qualified production expenditures incurred within Onondaga County. Funding is provided  to incentive local, qualified spend, and disbursed as a grant (rebate) to approved productions upon receipt and audit of expenditures.

Incentive Amount

PRIMED offers incentives of 25%, up to a maximum grant award of $300,000, which may be further enhanced if the approved production meets hiring thresholds to expand diversity and representation among the cast and crew.


If you feel your production may qualify, please read the guidelines thoroughly below before submitting an INTENT to APPLY.

An Innovation Group representative will notify production of the application procedure upon receipt of an Intent to Apply form.

A $200 fee is assessed for projects that proceed to the application stage. Funding determination is a competitive process. An independent panel of industry experts will review each application on the basis of creative merit, anticipated local economic impact, and general viability. Productions are prohibited from contacting panelists at any time.