The Onondaga County Production Rebate Incentives for Movies and Entertainment Development (PRIMED) is an incentive-based funding program designed to support television, commercial advertising campaigns, and feature-film productions in Onondaga County.

Feature Film

For filming feature film projects.

Television Pilots

For filming pilots intended for episodic productions.

Commercial Advertising

For filming commercial advertising or campaigns for products/services.


The Production Rebates Incentives for Movies and Entertainment Development program is primarily an economic development tool designed to help establish and grow a viable film production industry in Onondaga County. The program incentivizes productions that choose to locate their production in the county and offers competitive rebates for qualified expenses incurred in Onondaga County after an audit of reported expenses.


Primarily, the costs approved by the program are the vendor-related expenses incurred from hotels, catering, local purchases, and local suppliers. Labor costs associated with “Below the Line” crew positions are also considered qualified so long as the crew member is a resident of Onondaga County.


Unlike typical local incentives offered by state or local governments, funding from PRIMED will not impact other New York State incentives for film production, including the generous 25% NY State Tax Credits or the 10% Upstate labor bonus.