CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release
Funding for the CNY Film Fund (Theatrical) has been fully obligated at this time. Please check out our other funding program, Onondaga County PRIMED.

What is the CNY Film Fund?

The CNY Film Fund – Theatrical, administered by the Innovations Group of CNY Arts, LLC., is an incentive-based funding program. It is intended to increase the number of domestic feature film productions in Central New York.

The Fund provides support to producers of feature film projects in the final
stages of production financing.

The Program's Primary Objectives

Grow the film industry in Central New York by providing incentive funding for production-related Qualified Expenditures while also leveraging the benefits of the New York State Film Tax Credit program.

Increase the number of professional feature films produced in Central New York.

Cultivate Central New York’s potential for attracting and retaining student and local filmmakers, editors, actors, designers, musicians, engineers, and technicians.

Support peripheral job creation in Central New York through increased demand for hospitality and business services.