CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release

Application Process

Step One
Applicants will FIRST apply for the New York State Film Tax Credit program.

If accepted, an applicant may the proceed to submit an Intent to Apply (bottom of this page).

step two

Applicant has READ Theatrical or Non-Theatrical Film Fund Guidelines (whichever one is applicable).

Download Guidelines

step three
Applicants must submit their Intent to Apply through the IGCNYA website (see form at end of this page).

This will be reviewed by IGCNYA staff to determine if the production meets the minimum criteria to apply.

step four
Qualified Applicants will be given access to the full application through the third-party submission website Submittable, after creating a free account.

A $200 application fee is due at the time of submission.

step five
Applications will be reviewed on the basis of their budget, production history, local employment plan, and proposed expenditures. This review is conducted by a non-affiliated panel of film industry production and production finance specialists.
step six
Applications that pass the review will receive a Letter of Eligibility from IGCNA indicating the percent of funding they are eligible to receive (between 20-25%, pursuant to the diversity enhancement).
step seven
Decisions are announced following each round of panel review. Successful applicants must enter into a Funding Agreement with IGCNYA within one month of notification.

NOTE: IGCNYA reserves the right to withdraw its funding commitment should project financing not be complete within the negotiated time-frame, the project no longer meets one or more of the Fund’s eligibility requirements, or the project changes significantly from the time of commitment.

apply now
Complete online INTENT TO APPLY Form.
Applications that are received after the monthly deadline will be reviewed in the following cycle. It is imperative that applications include all the required materials in the guidelines and on the Submittable form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

**IGCNYA will send ONE message to indicate any missing materials.**