CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release

What You Need to Apply

To be eligible to submit a full application to the CNY Film Fund, the following IS required throughout the application process.

Applicant Desgination
Applicants must be a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or other entity, or individual who or which is principally engaged in the production of a feature-length, Qualified Film and controls the qualified film during production.
Be a Qualified Film
A Qualified Film is defined by Empire State Development as a feature-length film intended for commercial distribution to a motion picture theater or directly to the consumer viewing market (VOD and streaming service platforms) with a running time of at least 75 minutes.
Production Budget Minimum
The total production budget must be at least $2,000,000.
SAG-AFTRA Signature Packages
Must meet criteria for one of the following SAG-AFTRA Signature Packages: Theatrical or Low Budget Theatrical.
Qualified Production Facility Desgination
Must designate the Greater Syracuse Soundstage (GSS) as the production’s Qualified Production Facility (QPF) and must use the GSS during pre-production and production. The use of the soundstage must be for at least production office space. If the GSS is not available during applicant’s production schedule, a letter from GSS needs to be submitted with application to indicate unavailability.
Through a completion guarantor, an applicant must submit:
  • Completion agreement (contract between bond company and film production.
  • Completion agreement (contract between bond company and investors).
  • Inter-party agreement (a single contract among the investors, bond company, producer, and (if applicable) producer’s international sales company and/or domestic distributor).
The applicant MUST submit the following as part of IGCNA's evaluation Process:
  • Details of all Confirmed and Projected Financing (including Loans, Equity Financing, Presales, Deferred Payments, Donations or Fiscal Sponsorships, Tax Incentives/Credits, and Interim Financing). If applicable, written evidence of the financial commitment of the participants should be included.
  • A complete Scdule of Minimum of Expenditure, showing projected expenditures to be incurred in the CNY region (see Documents and Forms tab).
  • Fully itemized budget
  • Cast and Crew List
  • Promotional strategy / audience outreach / distribution plan
  • Logline
  • Production schedule (including start/end dates for Prep, Shoot, Wrap, and Post)
  • Weekly Case-Flow Schedule
  • Script
  • Name of attached Distributor or Sales Agent
Production Schedule
Must submit a production schedule indicating a plan to commence principle photography within 90 days of a signed Funding Agreement.

IGCNYA reserves the right to cancel the agreement and any forthcoming payments if the production company fails to adhere to their production schedule.

Production Completion
Must be capable of completing production, post-production, and marketing of the film within 18 months of receipt of first payment from IGCNYA.
Time of Submission
At the time of submission, projects must not have started principle photography.
Ineligible Productions
1. Productions where public financial support would be contrary to public policy will not be eligible.

2. Documentary features are not eligible.

Production Payroll Accountant or Financing Company
Must employ a verifiable production payroll accountant or production financing company that can generate custom reports with expense account designations coded according to the New York State Film Tax Schedule of Qualifying Expenditures. (See Documents and Forms).
Good Standing
Applicant companies or any associated production entity must be in good standing with IGCNYA and Empire State Development at the time of application submission.


IGCNYA will consider applications from producers who do not meet the above minimum producer-applicant requirements provided they can demonstrate in writing the attachment to the project of a NYS-based executive producer who does meet the above qualifications. In this instance, applicants must seek pre-approval by IGCNYA prior to submitting the application.