CNY Film Fund Theatrical Release


Below are important preliminary information applicants must read before proceeding.

Application Due Date
Applicants must submit a completed application prior to the monthly deadline (20th of each month) that falls before the start of the principle photography.

For example – if principle photography begins on 7/15, the application must be completed and submitted by 6/20 of the preceding month.

SAG-AFTRA Signature Package
The CNY Film Fund – Theatrical requires that filmmakers meet the criteria for a SAG-AFTRA Signature Package: low budget theatrical or theatrical.

Each investment made by the fund will be limited to 20% of the Qualified Expenditures incurred in the CNY Region, up to maximum investment of $1,000,000 per production.

Counties of Central New York
For the purpose of these guidelines and all materials related to the CNY Film Fund, the Central New York region is defined as the combined area of the following counties: Onondaga, Oswego, Cortland, Cayuga, and Madison.
Certificate of Conditional Eligibility
Funding Agreements will not be signed until the applicant has provided a Certificate of Conditional Eligibility from New York State Film Tax Credit office.
Resubmission Policy
Projects that were not previously successful may only be resubmitted with permission of IGCNYA.
Annual IGCNYA Film Fund Budget
The number of applicants who receive funding and the amount of funding received will be determined by the annual confirmed budget of IGCNYA Film Fund and the quantity and quality of projects funded.